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Custom Solid

I first designed this guitar 12 years ago.

Although modified over the years, it remains one of my best-selling instruments.

The guitar illustrated is a 22-fret model. The fingerboard is Indian rosewood with offset mother-of-pearl block inlays. It has a mahogany neck with a hand-carved, flamed maple facing. The bridge is a MannMade/Fishman vintage Powerbridge with a custom EMG EQ mounted to the rear control cavity cover; the third knob on the guitar controls the piezo volume.

The Custom Solid has received great press...

"I found this guitar a real pleasure to play... I really wish I could keep it." -
Martyn Booth, Guitarist Magazine.

"Great quality, excellent sound and playability. Sid can build you a guitar of your dreams" -
Lisa Sharken, Guitar Shop Magazine.

"This guitar is among the finest electrics I've ever played, the workmanship is faultless." -
Dave Burrluck, The Guitar Magazine.