Poole Custom Guitars

This is the bit where I blush - it's what some very important people in the business have to say about what I do.


Dave Burrluck,
Reviews Editor GUITARIST Magazine :

"Perhaps the best way to introduce Sid Poole is via his guitars. That's how I met him. Sid had submitted a couple of guitars for review back in the early nineties. One of those pieces, a fabulous semi-hollow electric was one of the...

'Burnin' Vermin' Hamstercaster © Barry Martin 'Burnin' Vermin' Hamstercaster © Barry Martin Home
'Burnin' Vermin' Hamstercaster © Barry Martin ...finest instruments I'd ever played. It had that X-factor, a fifth gear.

From that point on I realised Sid was one of the best makers, anywhere in the world. But I wasn't alone. As the nineties progressed, Sid picked up orders from top UK guitarist Geoff Whitehorn, Whitesnake's Bernie Marsden and Mickie Moody, and Eric Clapton sideman Andy Fairweather-Low to name just a few.

His repair and customising work also brought high-profile customers: when the Who's Pete Townshend needed someone to re-fit his Stratocasters with Fishman's Powerbridge, it was Sid who carried out the work.

But it's not just big names who appreciate Sid's repair and making skills: numerous Brit players entrust Sid with their guitars: Phil Hilborne and the Hamster's Barry Martin are typical, hard-gigging examples.

Sid has been building guitars for over thirty years (professionally for the last 12). Rarely have I seen instruments made with such attention to detail. But they are not just good looking guitars; Sid's careful timber and pickup choice ensure a tone that'll chase any high-end, or indeed vintage instrument. If you want the best, you're in the right place."

Paul Reed Smith :
"I think Sid has a very good grasp of what's involved in re-creating vintage-style instruments. Sid understands the fundamentals. I enjoy playing his guitars. He's a great builder and the world should know about him."
Dan Erlewine :
"Sid Poole's guitars are as fine as I have seen. A joiner trained in the old English apprentice system, Sid's woodworking skills are of the highest level - his sense of artistry, good taste, and knowledge of what makes a great guitar, match his guitar-building chops. Guitars this special simply could not roll-off a production line."
Hendrix Hamstercaster © Barry Martin